What We Use - PROTECT - BioTouch

What, it's permanent?

We get asked so many questions about our products that we have developed and their uses, especially when it comes to our very own BioTouch.

Bio-Touch antimicrobial treatment is approved by the EPA and the CDC as a non-toxic disinfectant available in the industry. A single application provides a permanent durable antimicrobial barrier on all surfaces and textiles.

When applied it instantly creates a covalent bond, very much like ‘superglue’ and will only lose its efficacy if it is chipped or painted over.

Because of its mechanical kill process, unlike others that poison or leach, our results are almost immediate within a few minutes.

It KILLS all Pathogens, reduces cross contamination thus allowing Chemical Free Cleaning.

Our process is recommended to be repeated every month to maintain the complete coverage of high touch places.

Find out more about what we use right here

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