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We keep getting asked about our Products and what we use.

Obviously we want to take the time to explain about what we use and how it all works, I mean, imagine telling someone that you are creating a cleaner and safer environment without any toxic chemicals?

So we thought we would give you some insights into all of them starting with our very own PB2012 which was created by Dr Chris Pearson and Gordon Bruce in 2012.

PB2012 and is a synthetic copy of a natural fungicide, viricide and bactericide. It is a high level broad spectrum solution which is effective against all microbial classes up to and including bacterial spores.

PB2012 has been developed to provide high level disinfection of the air and all hard and soft surfaces in any indoor environment.

It is used in areas where the reduction of pathogens needs to be achieved, to enable the interruption of key transmission pathways and reduce the risk of cross infection and contamination providing 99.999% decontamination guaranteed.

Find out more about what we use right here

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