Virtual roundtable’s response: “Personal and social hygiene awareness has increased exponentially”

'Whether we are at our workplace, attending leisure facilities or travelling for business or pleasure, we all now have a heightened awareness of how we interact and will now expect and demand a higher level of service from Providers that takes cognisance of the perceived risks as a result of this. Capturing this feeling of assured safety every time must be the focal point for customer satisfaction.' Following on from opinions that were discussed on Hotel Designs first ever Virtual Roundtable hosted by Hamish Kilburn with experts from The Gleneagles Hotel, Richmond International, Rosewood Hotel Group, EPR Architects and Jestico + Whiles, our team at Room to Breathe UK shared our thoughts. Not just from a hygiene point of view, but from future requirements regarding their customers safety and wellbeing! #COVID19 #Hygiene #Pandemic #Wellness #Security #Hotels #decontamination #deepclean #innovativetechnologies #indoorairquality #chemicalfree #prevention #nontoxic #ventilation #housekeeping #environmentfriendly

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