Skene House becomes the first in the Hospitality Sector to implement Room To Breathe System...

Skene House, in Aberdeen, is the first in the Hospitality Sector in Scotland to trial our innovative system which uses technology developed for NASA to achieve the highest levels of hygiene and cleanliness.

Charles Skene, OBE, of Skene House Serviced Apartments said:

“Delivering services of the very highest standard, including cleanliness, has always been central to what we do but it is important to constantly seek new ways of raising the bar and enhancing the customer experience. As lockdown eases, guests and clients are looking for as much safety and certainty as possible to increase their travel confidence, and we feel that the partnership of Room to Breathe’s innovative system and Andersen Caledonia’s testing protocol provides that. We were delighted to receive confirmation of the effectiveness of our own cleaning regime which, coupled with the installation of the Room to Breathe system, means that we really are good to go.”

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