Reopening is not the Problem, Staying Open is!

'Public health experts and top health officials, including the Dr. Tony Fauci, say the evidence is abundantly clear: When bars open, infections tend to follow.'

From Leicester to Aberdeen we have seen the forced closer of several Bars and Restaurants due to the Coronavirus. This was inevitable and is highlighted in an article in NPR by Will Stone, you can find it here. It discusses that from the very beginning of the outbreak of the Coronavirus Government bodies have been trying to decide the best protocols in allowing the Hospitality Industry to reopen.

Reopening is not the Problem, Staying Open is!

According to the Government Protocols Clean, Clean, Clean with Chemicals is top of their agenda from surfaces to touch points. Adhering to Social Distancing is also a priority with mask wearing not deemed essential. This is where the problem lies.

It has long been recognised that particles expelled during human expiratory events, such as talking, drinking and eating serve as vehicles for respiratory pathogen transmission.

So why are we surprised by this?

The easy answer is that, at the moment, no authority has taken it upon themselves to adopt the quality of indoor air as a Priority, especially in the Hospitality Industry. In fact, the Government Guidelines state that masks must be worn when possible, in any retail environment, yet not Pubs, Restaurants and Bars where there are greater risks of infection.


So, how can you stay open, how can you protect your customers and your employees?

At Room To Breathe we provide safer, cleaner, indoor environments and our solutions are approved by EPA and the CDC as one of forty that kill Covid-19.

We can keep you open, find out how.

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