Love in an Elevator...

It was 11am on the 17th of June 2020 and we were asked for an “Elevator Pitch”.

With the amount of detail involved in explaining the science behind Room To Breathe and Kill Prevent Protect (KPP) to allow customers to understand the shift in thinking we decided to post on Linkedin a little bit of fun.

The Elevator Pitch was “Yes” of course we can do Elevators!

Within minutes we received an enquiry from a customer that has many ‘Customer Elevators’ in their branches and the fears surrounding this were giving them a headache.

Cleaning in between customer using the Elevator is completely impractical as at present it is this Clean, Clean, Clean mentality.

The restriction in numbers using the Elevator, this would have an impact on the viability of a store to reopen fully.

With the terms like “Social distancing” and “Furlough” becoming part of our everyday life and with the worries and concerns surrounding the re-opening of businesses and buildings we all need to re-adjust to a ‘new normal’.

At Room To Breathe we have solutions to any and all indoor spaces that will become the ‘norm’ or the evolution of indoor healthy environments. As we enter a property, building or shop we can no doubt be welcomed by automatic doors etc but as we spend time there interaction with others becomes more likely and touching of surfaces is unavoidable.

Having entered the multi-storey building is it the lift or the stairs? Either will have its own issues so starting from this point we look after you.

With an issue peculiar to Scotland, as in the sketch, highlighting that automation is NOT the way forward.

Lifts are a key area of risk due to the enclosed space, and understanding how many passengers are in a lift at any one time, and whether passengers are following social distancing guidelines, will become one way of controlling social distancing policies and risk.

Occupancy sensing equipment may be one way, however;

Lifts will be put under increased pressure!

Lifts will be put under increased activity with the need to reduce the number of passengers in the lift car at any one time. Even with the number of people in a building reduced there will be an increase in the number of journeys carried out by the lifts. In some cases, a lift rated to carry 20 passengers will only be able to carry 2 passengers whilst following social distancing guidelines. Staggered start and finish times in office blocks will also have an impact on lift usage, as well as the reduced capacity for carrying passengers.

This increase in the number of journeys could mean more frequent maintenance visits to account for increased wear. Re-opening buildings is likely to be stressful enough without lift breakdowns causing even greater queues and crowded lobbies.

Both our Room To Breathe and Kill Prevent Protect (KPP) brands have the solutions to your needs from both Surfaces and specifically Airborne risks.

The other considerations are to enforce social distancing:

- Depending on the height of the building, using the lifts as the “up route” and the stairs as the “down route”.

- More than one lift, consider splitting the lifts into “up” and “down”.

Clean, Clean, Clean?

The constant and over use of chemicals not only increases the levels of VOC’s, phenols, toxins etc but it does not work. Disinfectants require ‘Dwell Time’, Bleaches / Chlorine are dangerous on their own but mix them with other chemicals and it is tantamount to 'terrorism'.

As a building manager or responsible person you will be completely unaware of the potential health issues that any user or visitor may have and this increased level of irritants could become dangerous.

With many pieces of research surrounding the efficacy of these disinfectants and the rapid return of surfaces to an infected stage coupled with the detrimental health effects on cleaning staff, we really should have new solutions to new problems.

Also, as cleaning regimes are increased be careful that equipment in the lift car is not being damaged by cleaning products. Small gaps around the buttons allows for moisture to get through and can short circuit the electrics which is dangerous and will put a lift out of action.

So yes, we can...

Deep Clean it.

Apply ‘Biotouch’ as a continuous protection

Install a newly developed Elevator Air Sanifier

Job done, and everyone can feel “Love in an Elevator” again.

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