Just for clarity, we are not a Cleaning Company...

... but we do kill 99.99 per cent of all Coronaviruses, including Covid-19, influenza, bacteria, fungi and moulds within the air and on all types of surfaces, as well as inhibit and prevent any further outbreaks.

Back in March, just before the start of lockdown we had an article in the Daily Record. The focus was on the first part of our Kill, Prevent, Protect process which is part of the Room To Breathe system.

The KILL stage is our very own DEEP CLEAN which is a combination of steam cleaning above 40℃, ultra-low-penetration air (UPLA) vacuuming followed by the application of PB2012 which is a unique decontamination fluid which is deadly to pathogens (but is safe to all higher living organisms) is fogged into the area ensuring every surface coated.

That's it.

Cleaning done.

We still have to PREVENT and PROTECT.

So, how can you protect your customers, your employees and their families?

At Room To Breathe we provide safer, cleaner, indoor environments and our solutions are approved by EPA and the CDC as one of forty that kill Covid-19.

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