It's time for the Hotel Industry to Reinvent Itself

Clean is in, or so they say, but really, shouldn't it always have been 'in' and is it really the only solution? Yes, it should have always been 'in' and No, it is not the only solution.

This is highlighted in an interesting article for the Frequent Business Traveller by Anna Breuer. As you can see, Anna has identified the new cleaning protocols of Global Hotel chains such as Hilton, Hyatt and Marriot.

For those of us who have been in Hotel, Restaurant or Bar since the easing of lockdown, these protocols are there for us all to see. But these can, along with the additional costs and training, only add to the problem.

The article also discusses why Hotels will have to reinvent themselves for their clientele, who, once this Pandemic has subsided, will demand protection, security and safety for them and their families.

Customers, armed with this new knowledge will want to know that their Hotel is Futureproofed, that the cleaning products are not further adding to the problem and that the indoor air quality has been addressed.

At Room To Breathe, we have the innovative solutions that are environmentally friendly, that can keep you open, giving your customers, employees and their families 'peace of mind' in every environment.

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