I can feel it coming in the Air tonight (and day), Oh Lord...

'READ THIS SENTENCE aloud: With every passing word, an expanding blast of spittle spews from your mouth—the more emphatic the speech, the greater the spray.'

A great read from the National Geographic on what 'airborne coronavirus' means, and how to protect yourself. It talks about how our mouth-made mist is the subject of a great debate on how the coronavirus hitches a ride from person to person.

The article goes into detail on why the COVID-19 pandemic has revived a decades-old debates how respiratory diseases travel and in turn affects the safety practices experts recommend.

Read the full article here

Find out how our NASA developed Purifiers reduce up to 99.99% of viruses, including COVID-19, toxins, allergens and bacteria by utilising several innovative technologies without the need for filters or complicated controls, resulting in lower maintenance and operational costs.

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