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Clean air

Our process starts with an initial industrial air purge, using NASA developed technology, of the whole space to clear the area of all pathogens and toxins.

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Thoroughly cleansed

Then we combine a steam clean above 40°C, an ultra-low-penetration air (UPLA) vacuuming and the application of PB2012 is fogged into the area ensuring every surface coated.

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Fully covered

The entire space is treated with our electrostatic fogging process using an environmentally safe, non-toxic solution of PB2012* which is a proven Viricide, Bactericide and Fungicide.

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Attention to Detail

By  using our innovative UV technology we can rid mattresses, pillows and soft furnishings of undesirable micro-organisms within seconds.

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Attention to Detail

Our antimicrobial coating “BioTouch”, will be is applied. The BioTouch formula bonds to a clean surface and when viruses and bacteria land on the protected surface, the cellular structure is ruptured (not poisoned) and becomes defunct.

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Always protecting

Installing filterless air sanifiers provides the final level of protection. Using technology originally developed by NASA, our sanifiers seek out contaminants and pathogens within the air and on surfaces and neutralise them.

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From start to finish

At Room To Breathe we use a device called an ATP meter to measure how contaminated a surface is. A sample is taken with a special swab, inserted into the ATP meter, and a numerical value is returned.
This is numerical value is known as relative light units or RLU’s. The higher the RLU the greater the need for more thorough and effective cleaning of the surface area tested. 
Pre-defined ranges determine if the surface is clean or dirty. This provides a quick, easy, and scientific method to determine if a surface is free of pathogens after cleaning.
Our recommended level of RLU is no more than 30 which is deemed surgically clean.

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Peace of mind

On completion certification is provided and displayed either outside or within the room to provide that peace of mind to customers, guests and employees alike.

In order to maintain the certification, our process must be carried out every four months in accordance with our Terms & Conditions.

On-site training is also provided to cleaning staff in order to ensure the efficacy of the system is maintained. This is no more onerous to staff and in fact will simplify their cleaning protocols.