With Coronavirus (CoVID19) now a global pandemic, now, more than ever, is the time to provide a solution that creates a cleaner safer environment. 

Never before have we needed an environmentally friendly, non-toxic solution that removes any traces of coronaviruses including influenza, allergens, mould, germs and VOCs.

Unique to Room To Breathe, PB2012 and is a synthetic copy of a natural fungicide, viricide and bactericide. Our product, as of March 2020, is on the List N of  the CDC and EPA recognised products that are known to kill COVID-19.


It is a high level broad spectrum solution which is effective against all microbial classes up to and including bacterial spores. It is a leap forward in reducing cross infections and a proven kill on all surfaces.

It is also part of our sepcialised DEEP CLEAN PROTOCOL, which you can download below, in taking an environment, property, room or environment from a state of concern regarding Opportunistic Pathogens to a state of being clean and clear of risk in an environmentally friendly process.

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