Meet our New Team of Infection Prevention Technicians

Say hello to Joanna, Hanna, Ewelina and Darek our ever expanding team of Infection Prevention Technicians here at Insite Group. It is a very exciting week at Insite Group as two of our Divisions, Insite Facilities Management and Insite Specialist Services/Room To Breathe, join forces in providing a Cleaning & Decontamination service that is really is unrivalled. Our Infection Prevention Technicians will be expanding our work with the NHS and with our other clients who value t

Care Home Gathering - Gerry talks Tech in the Care Sector

Insite Group and Room To Breathe's very own Head of Marketing & Sales Gerry Campbell joins Donald Macaskill, Chief Executive of Scottish Care, for tomorrows lunchtime session on Technology at the Virtual Care Home Gathering. The session begins at 1.15pm on Wednesday the 20th of January 2021. The Care Home Gathering is a three-day virtual event this year, replacing the Care Home Conference that normally takes place in November. The session will reflect on the issues that care

What We Use - PROTECT - BioTouch

What, it's permanent? We get asked so many questions about our products that we have developed and their uses, especially when it comes to our very own BioTouch. Bio-Touch antimicrobial treatment is approved by the EPA and the CDC as a non-toxic disinfectant available in the industry. A single application provides a permanent durable antimicrobial barrier on all surfaces and textiles. When applied it instantly creates a covalent bond, very much like ‘superglue’ and will only

What We Use - PB2012 - KILL

We keep getting asked about our Products and what we use. Obviously we want to take the time to explain about what we use and how it all works, I mean, imagine telling someone that you are creating a cleaner and safer environment without any toxic chemicals? So we thought we would give you some insights into all of them starting with our very own PB2012 which was created by Dr Chris Pearson and Gordon Bruce in 2012. PB2012 and is a synthetic copy of a natural fungicide, viric

Futureproofing the Hospitality Industry

Webinar | Friday 26th June 2020 at 11.00 am At Room to Breathe we have been asked many questions around Futureproofing the Hospitality Industry as a result of the COVID-19 Global Pandemic. We will be discussing everything from Deep Cleaning, Touchpoints, Indoor Air Quality and many other things we think are important to opening up again, providing that 'peace of mind'. To find out more and book your place please email: Scott - Gordon - gordon.bruce

Anti-bacterial fogging, touchless tech and germ detection… how some Scottish firms are cleaning up

'The workplace is going to look a touch different in the post-Covid era. Awareness of harmful bacteria isn't just be for germophobes - it's be everyone's concern.' It is all about Furtureproofing Find our more about us and how we can help #COVID19 #Decontamination #DeepClean #KillPreventProtect #EnvironmentallyFriendly #InnovativeTechnologies

Virtual roundtable’s response: “Personal and social hygiene awareness has increased exponentially”

'Whether we are at our workplace, attending leisure facilities or travelling for business or pleasure, we all now have a heightened awareness of how we interact and will now expect and demand a higher level of service from Providers that takes cognisance of the perceived risks as a result of this. Capturing this feeling of assured safety every time must be the focal point for customer satisfaction.' Following on from opinions that were discussed on Hotel Designs first ever V

The fight against COVID-19. It’s time to deep clean

Our latest feature in The Daily Record shows how we’re helping businesses take effective precautions during the#coronaviruspandemic Learn more about our non-toxic, deep cleaning process which removes up to 99.99% of coronaviruses, influenza, pathogens, allergens and germs. #coronavirusoutbreak #covid19 #deepclean #decontamination #environmentallyfriendly #chemicalfree #nontoxic