Room to breathe for all the family at Crieff Hydro Hotel

Scotland’s leading leisure destination for families, Crieff Hydro Hotel in Perthshire, has enhanced its studio offering by developing nine dog-friendly studio apartments -located a short stroll from the iconic hotel - fitted with Room To Breathe's hypoallergenic technology. Crieff Hydro Hotel has added ‘Room to Breathe’ to its studio apartments to ensure peace of mind for all guests. Our system constantly creates hypoallergenic environments using technologies and products tha

It's time for the Hotel Industry to Reinvent Itself

Clean is in, or so they say, but really, shouldn't it always have been 'in' and is it really the only solution? Yes, it should have always been 'in' and No, it is not the only solution. This is highlighted in an interesting article for the Frequent Business Traveller by Anna Breuer. As you can see, Anna has identified the new cleaning protocols of Global Hotel chains such as Hilton, Hyatt and Marriot. For those of us who have been in Hotel, Restaurant or Bar since the easing

Just for clarity, we are not a Cleaning Company...

... but we do kill 99.99 per cent of all Coronaviruses, including Covid-19, influenza, bacteria, fungi and moulds within the air and on all types of surfaces, as well as inhibit and prevent any further outbreaks. Back in March, just before the start of lockdown we had an article in the Daily Record. The focus was on the first part of our Kill, Prevent, Protect process which is part of the Room To Breathe system. The KILL stage is our very own DEEP CLEAN which is a combination

Reopening is not the Problem, Staying Open is!

'Public health experts and top health officials, including the Dr. Tony Fauci, say the evidence is abundantly clear: When bars open, infections tend to follow.' From Leicester to Aberdeen we have seen the forced closer of several Bars and Restaurants due to the Coronavirus. This was inevitable and is highlighted in an article in NPR by Will Stone, you can find it here. It discusses that from the very beginning of the outbreak of the Coronavirus Government bodies have been try

Skene House becomes the first in the Hospitality Sector to implement Room To Breathe System...

Skene House, in Aberdeen, is the first in the Hospitality Sector in Scotland to trial our innovative system which uses technology developed for NASA to achieve the highest levels of hygiene and cleanliness. Charles Skene, OBE, of Skene House Serviced Apartments said: “Delivering services of the very highest standard, including cleanliness, has always been central to what we do but it is important to constantly seek new ways of raising the bar and enhancing the customer experi

How will hospitality/coworking spaces change post-pandemic?

'Do you think shared spaces within hotels (coworking spaces etc) will become a thing of the past, or do you think there will be a bigger appetite for versatile spaces, with more people working flexibly?' As the hard-hit hospitality industry prepares to reopen under new government regulations, Mix sits down with Dylan Wills, Associate at HBA, to shed some light on how the industry can manage the inevitable changes they are facing. Interesting interview that discusses how hospi

Indoor Air Quality... it just wont go away!

Evaluating Indoor Air Quality, before the Hospitality industry reopens in July as the COVID-19 lockdown eases, is the first step to take before reopening as laid out in the Government’s new guidance. “Checking whether you need to service or adjust ventilation systems, for example so that they do not automatically reduce ventilation levels due to lower than normal occupancy levels.” This guidance is designed to ensure time spent in pubs, bars and restaurants is as safe as poss

Are you 'Covid Secure'?

Just what does it mean to be 'Covid Secure'? 'Since closing their doors in March, hotels across Scotland have been carrying out risk assessments and implementing safety measures, with no specific guidance, requiring them to keep sufficient staff employed despite a collapse in income. These actions are, however, essential as hotel health and safety, regulated by local authorities, requires operators to safeguard both their workforce and the wider public. Legal breaches can pot

The Rebirth of Hospitality

'Now is the time to rethink, reset and create the future of hospitality. We might not have another chance to start from scratch, in our lifetime.' Rethinking is everything, especially when is comes to proving a safe and secure environment, giving 'peace of mind'. A recent article in Hotel News Scotland suggested it was time to rethink hospitality, at Room To Breathe we agree. In fact, so does Virgin Voyages who have incorporated, as part of their new Heath Protocol, technolog

What is the BIGGEST threat to the Hotel Industry after Lockdown?

Some very interesting insights on the threats to the Hotel Industry especially around the aspects of Health & Safety. Find out how our Process and Certification at Room To Breathe will provide that 'peace of mind' and take away those threats by being Fully Covered without ruining the experience. #Hotel #Pandemic #Lockdown #Hospitality #Wellness #Healt

Q&A with Cruise Ship Hospitality Expo Europe

Our Director Gordon Bruce talks to Elliot Preece of Cruise Ship Hospitality Expo Europe. Read the full Q&A right here #Cruise #Travel #Hospitality #Covid19 #AirQuality #Health #Wellbing #Wellness


Our director, Gordon Bruce, recently spoke to Cruise Ship Hospitality Expo about the #wellness evolution and why now, more than ever, the hospitality industry needs certified peace of mind: #CruiseIndustry #Travel #Hospitality