What We Use - PROTECT - BioTouch

What, it's permanent? We get asked so many questions about our products that we have developed and their uses, especially when it comes to our very own BioTouch. Bio-Touch antimicrobial treatment is approved by the EPA and the CDC as a non-toxic disinfectant available in the industry. A single application provides a permanent durable antimicrobial barrier on all surfaces and textiles. When applied it instantly creates a covalent bond, very much like ‘superglue’ and will only

What We Use - PB2012 - KILL

We keep getting asked about our Products and what we use. Obviously we want to take the time to explain about what we use and how it all works, I mean, imagine telling someone that you are creating a cleaner and safer environment without any toxic chemicals? So we thought we would give you some insights into all of them starting with our very own PB2012 which was created by Dr Chris Pearson and Gordon Bruce in 2012. PB2012 and is a synthetic copy of a natural fungicide, viric

Room to breathe for all the family at Crieff Hydro Hotel

Scotland’s leading leisure destination for families, Crieff Hydro Hotel in Perthshire, has enhanced its studio offering by developing nine dog-friendly studio apartments -located a short stroll from the iconic hotel - fitted with Room To Breathe's hypoallergenic technology. Crieff Hydro Hotel has added ‘Room to Breathe’ to its studio apartments to ensure peace of mind for all guests. Our system constantly creates hypoallergenic environments using technologies and products tha

It's time for the Hotel Industry to Reinvent Itself

Clean is in, or so they say, but really, shouldn't it always have been 'in' and is it really the only solution? Yes, it should have always been 'in' and No, it is not the only solution. This is highlighted in an interesting article for the Frequent Business Traveller by Anna Breuer. As you can see, Anna has identified the new cleaning protocols of Global Hotel chains such as Hilton, Hyatt and Marriot. For those of us who have been in Hotel, Restaurant or Bar since the easing

The Future is already here...

Very interesting read from David Brown at the BBC on what the future could look like in 2025 post Covid-19. It discusses why it won't be simply returning to the way it was before Covid-19 and that, spurred on by the coronavirus crisis, how we, in the future, will be rethinking the buildings we inhabit. However at Room To Breathe, we know the future is now. You don't have to wait until 2025 to feel safe and secure wherever you are. Find out more about how we can give you peace

Futureproofing the Hospitality Industry

Webinar | Friday 26th June 2020 at 11.00 am At Room to Breathe we have been asked many questions around Futureproofing the Hospitality Industry as a result of the COVID-19 Global Pandemic. We will be discussing everything from Deep Cleaning, Touchpoints, Indoor Air Quality and many other things we think are important to opening up again, providing that 'peace of mind'. To find out more and book your place please email: Scott - Gordon - gordon.bruce